DEENA SHIPPING LLC/SHIN YANG FZC established and registered in UAE, Ras Al, Khaimah. Is a subsidiary of SHIN YANG Shipping Corporation Berhad in Malaysia which we have known more than 15 years. Shin Yang is a large and dynamic corporation with diverse business activities and has been in Malaysia's Top 1000 (companies of Excellence) since 2003.

DEENA SHIPPING LLC/SHIN YANG FZC businesses include shipping, shipbuilding and shipyard businesses backed with from experience from SHIN YANG SHIPPING CORPORATION BERHAD from Malaysia. Our business in UAE are Management and Operation of Tugs and Barges for off-shore & Marine Project works. We undertake several mega project for our client in UAE region.

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The Company started its operation on 5 May 2007. The company is based on Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. The company initial nature of business is in shipping management and transportation through tugs & barges. Main transportation is aggregates such as limestone, quarry, armour rocks, core, gabbro, and clinker.

The Company was going strong and has joint-venture with several strong influence, well-established company operating in the Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Since then, the Company has shown its business growth through its strength and expansion of multi-racial employees, and crew members.


INFO:  Deena Shipping L.L.C was established on 18 April 2006. The name was named after the daughter's name of Chairman Naval Brig (Ret) Juma Khalifah Abushibs


  • To be Premier Shipment & Owner of a fleet of middle size Tug & Barge, Ship builder, Integrated marine Structural Fabricator and One-Stop quality offshore Marine Engineering & logistic service provider in middle to the Gulf for Tugs & Barges.


  • To operate a Modern Shipping Industry & Integrated shipbuilding base benchmarked for Excellence in providing comprehensive, innovative and efficient Quality services.
  • Adaptability to changes to retain sustained success and steadfast in commitments to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality values.
  • Committed to achieving Quality Assurance Management through quality planning, quality Improvement and quality Control.
  • An integrated and proactive Health, Safety & Environment Management System, with full concern for preserving Environment, health and safety of its Employees, Neighboring Community and Customers
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